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Birding Festival of the Keys

I regret to inform you that I am going to have to postpone the Birding Festival of the Keys for 2018.

This change has come up in only the last 3 weeks. I may soon be beginning a completely new job with many changes. This may limit my ability to pursue my birding passion of implementing this festival outside of my regular teaching job. With this uncertainty I feel for this year I can not go forward with the type of festival participants deserve. The type of festival that I have been able to provide for the last 10 years with the Everglades Birding Festival. The Everglades Birding Festival will go on as scheduled for Jan. 17-20, 2019.

Thank you so much for your willingness to be a part of this developing festival. It is a shame that Irma caused the cancellation in its first year because it was ready to go with all its wonderful variety of activities, workshops, boat and field trips. This is a part of the problem in the readjustment of the schedule and conducting of the boat trips this year.

Thank you for willingness to share your expertise with future birders and participants. I strongly feel that a birding festival to showcase the amazing Florida Keys, its Florida specialties, and the wonderful migration of raptors, shorebirds and songbirds is critical to recognizing its importance in the birding world and could help promote it's protection and preservation on a national scale. It is a very important endeavor and one I am truly committed too in the future. But it has to be right and running smoothly from the beginning and I am unable to accomplish it this year. It is my hope that you may be willing again to be a part of the 2019 festival at end of September/early October.

Thank you again for your support.

Paddy Cunningham

2017 Festival information below & in links. Expect something similar in 2019.
SEPT. 27-30, 2018 -- CANCELLED


Fall migration is THE time to be in the Florida Keys. Hawks are streaming south, migrating songbirds are filling the trees and Keys specialties can be found.

Full day field trips, birding trips, species workshops, lectures, keynotes, boat, kayak and pelagic trips will fill your days.

Gain advanced skills and life birds to your list. Join Florida's TOP GUIDES and BIOLOGISTS in this exciting weekend of birding, learning and fun.

Printable flyer for the 2017 Birding Festival of the Keys Explore the festival schedule Here is your registration form for the festival.
Details of our evening programs. Our exciting palegic boat trips. Go far afield to get some special species. Get out in the field with our knowledgable guides. Discover the details of our workshops. The backgrounds of our professional guides


  1. Marathon Hump Pelagic Trip
  2. Pelagic Adventures Personal Pelagic Birding (2)
  3. Pigeon Key & Boot Key Hawk Roosting Fly In & Sunset Happy Hour (2)
  4. Florida Bay Birding & Ecotour
  5. Rachel Key Kayak & Paddleboard Sunset Tour (2)
  6. Dry Tortugas Pelagic Trip


  1. North Keys Hot Spots-Curry Hammock, Long Key, Windley Key, Dagney Johnson, Anne's beach, shorebird beach & more.
  2. Lower Keys Hot Spots-Bahia Honda, Key West Botanical Gardens, Indigenous Park, Ft. Zachary Taylor, shorebird beach
  3. David's Choice - Finding the Best Birds


  1. Warblers & Songbird Search
  2. Florida Keys Specialties Search - White crowned Pigeon & Magnificent Frigatebird
  3. Beach Birds-Shorebirds, Gulls & Terns
  4. Hawks Galore Raptor Search & Hawk Watch
  5. Florida Keys Specialties Search - Great White Heron and Reddish Egret
  6. Long Key State Park Birding
  7. Birding by Behavior and Habitat
  8. Curry Hammock State Park Birding & Hawk Watch
  9. Antillean Nighthawk Search


  1. Birding by Season
  2. Warblers Made Easier
  3. Hawks Galore-Raptor ID.
  4. Beach Birds-Gulls, Terns & Shorebirds
  5. Florida Keys Specialties-White crowned Pigeon and Magnificent Frigatebird
  6. Florida Keys Specialties-Great White Heron and Reddish Egret
  7. Birding by Behavior & Habitat


  1. Dr. Ken Meyers - The year-round biology of the Swallow-tailed Kite: A hemisphere of conservation challenges and opportunities, Avian Research and Conservation Institute
  2. Paddy Cunningham - Lifer for Less, A Busy Mom's Guide to a Big Year, Birding Adventures
  3. David Simpson - What can ebird do for You?
  4. Opening Reception tropical dinner & Keynote Speaker
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